Gua Sha Glow

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Uplift & Glow

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Gua Sha Glow

Tired of looking tired? Is stress showing on your face? Would you to feel healthier and  look years fresher and brighter at any age in just 12 weeks?

Well, you can.

Feel relaxed from the first treatment. Feel your complexion lift and tighten. Feel your confidence start to improve with each day. Feel your health issues start to change.

‘Glow’, is a natural, holistic treatment. You can have a one off treatment, or to really notice a difference, book a programme that will help you to feel healthier and look years fresher and brighter at any age. ‘Glow’ from the inside out. We will work together over 6 or 12 weeks to change the way you look and feel. The treatment is only one element of the programme, using hands on facial massage and TCM facial tools alongside other uplifting elements, including  jade and rose quartz facial stones and facial cupping. You will also receive tutorials on how to use the facial tools yourself at home, in a ritual that will take only one minute. You will have contact from me on each week by phone and so much more to help you reach your goal.  Each time you come for your treatment we will add another element for you to take with you, so that you can really get the most from the programme. Within the the programme we can choose to use diverse Gua Sha facial tools depending on your needs at the time, also facial cupping, acupressure point stimulation to give you a wonderfully relaxing but powerful treatment. Nurturing and supporting you in so many ways.  You will feel better, healthier and look years fresher and brighter. We can use mindset tools to work on how you feel, to see where your stressors are and how we can work together to manage those.  I am here for you.  Catherine xx

A 60 minute appointment is €90.  Treatment times of 75 & 90 mins also available.

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I am so passionate about spreading the Facial Reflexology word, so will send you out new information and some tips or any special things that might be happening.   

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