Face Reflexology Clooney Concept

Online education in Face Reflexology Clooney Concept for qualified reflexologists

My purpose?

I am here to educate and share my passion.  Face Reflexology Clooney Concept is for professional reflexologists, it is an online course that also gives you individual attention. I love that I can easily meet and educate reflexologists from all over the world. The benefits of adding this wellness modality to your client treatment list are many. Clients love this face reflexology treatment that has such beneficial results.

As a Face Reflexologist Clooney Concept practitioner, you will help women who are going through stressful situations, and who feel they need some nurturing support. Who needs to be seen, heard and understood, who needs to feel better from the inside out.

I work with reflexologists to help their clients to find a way to experience healthy, vibrant wellness, naturally, with a combination of Face Reflexology Clooney Concept and Facial Gua Sha. A supercharged combination wellness experience. Feel better on the inside, look better on the outside.

Training from the heart ❣️

Who am I?

I am someone who loves to walk in nature, I love being by the sea, I love to swim and breathe in life, deeply. I also love relaxing with a glass of wine and long chats with friends.

I am a passionate educator and nurturer.

I love what I do.

I love to use my experience, my learning, my intuition and my heart to educate others. You.

I love the results and positive recommendations from graduates and clients.

I love adding experiences from my travels and cultural experience to my service.

How can I be of service to you?


I am so passionate about spreading the Face Reflexology Clooney Concept word, that I will be sending out a newsletter with tips and updates. If you would like to be informed of any special offers or events, I would love to let you know.
Catherine ❣️

I HIGHLY recommend this course to all reflexologists. I’m using FRCC every day in my practice.  Clients are now coming to sessions requesting face reflexology!  Who am I to say no to them!?  I’m full of gratitude to you, Catherine Clooney.  Sue, Arizona

A fantastic treatment to add to your skill set. My clients love it. From Rebecca, Ireland

I have thoroughly enjoyed our time with you Catherine. Your a lady who loves what you do and your vested interests in your students is so heartwarming. I am thrilled to have learned Face Reflexology Clooney Concept.❣️❣️  Lisa, Ireland.

I really enjoyed the course, Catherine. Thank you so much! It fit in so well with family life x  Alison, Northern Ireland

I am currently doing this course & am loving it. Catherine is a great teacher & the course is very thorough. Highly recommended. Sue, England

Superb course. I’m thoroughly enjoying Facial Reflexology Clooney Concept  It is an amazing treatment. It has helped my hubby with his sleeping and sinuses 210%.  If you get the chance to do it, you won’t be disappointedWell worth it and thoroughly recommend it and Catherine is excellent at explaining/teaching.  Jazzmine, Wales.

Highly recommend this beautiful treatment and course. Works very well on-line as structured perfectly. Catherine is a wonderful teacher. Lorna, Ireland

I really enjoyed doing Catherine Clooney’s facial reflexology course. I found all the different maps fascinating to learn and was really surprised at how much you can pick up on the face. The clients I used as case studies were amazed at how relaxed they felt, and all extremely enjoyed having the treatment. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to do facial reflexology, thank you, Catherine.  Maria, Wales.