Face Reflexology Clooney Concept


****DATES FOR 2024****

 12th February – 18th March

25th March – 29th April

13th May – 17th June

2nd September – 7th October

21st October-25th November

You have access to the course for life.
(Payment options available).

***Scroll down for all the information including dates and payment options.*** 

As a level 3 qualified foot reflexologist, would you like to learn reflexology on the face?

Yes, a true reflexology treatment given on the face. With added benefits.

Using your experience as a reflexologist working on the feet,   learning new skills for the face. We will learn a blend of East meets West to give your client a powerful, yet gentle treatment.

Would you like to offer your existing and new clients an additional treatment that can support them with their health issues?

An added benefit is that it can brighten and freshen how they look. What a great extra.

You can help them to look fresher and brighter, by reflecting on the outside how they are feeling on the inside. By working over the face with varied facial maps you will be helping your client to achieve homeostasis, you will be supporting them with their health & wellbeing journey. By working the face you are encouraging blood supply to the muscles and also encouraging lymph drainage, giving a fresher, brighter look to the complexion.

How wonderful is that added benefit?

This is a comprehensive training.

With Online Facial Reflexology Clooney Concept, we will look at how face reading can aid our initial consultation and following treatments.

By showing you Eastern points for certain issues, you will be able to give your clients homework in the form of a face grid with their individual acupressure points.  If they have an issue they are serious about resolving, then the face grid with points gives them the opportunity to take control of their own wellbeing.

That is powerful.

Layering skills and confidence, with this new East meets West Concept. You will receive individual attention during the course and you will be supported at every step of your FRCC education.

 Training from the heart ❤️

   What is needed from you?

You will need to let me know where and when you studied for your Reflexology Diploma.

You will also need to email a copy or send me a photo of your Diploma. With your address for your FRCC certificate and your social details so that I can promote you online.

You will receive your certificate of completion of ‘Face Reflexology Clooney Concept’.  Once you have sent me your case study.

What does the training involve?

FRCC is comprehensive, giving you all you need to know, the duration is 6 weeks. It was designed this way for each student to get the maximum out of the course and to have the benefit of individual attention. You need to be able to practice too, so allow some time for that, it will be in your own time, so put it in your diary.

FRCC online consists of an introduction, 5 maps that are layered one on top of the other, finishing with Eastern points. So, to give you the best opportunity to learn one map before moving onto the next, there is a practical element. It is completed any day that feels right for you but must be done by each Friday lunchtime.  I give you feedback on a 1-1 call on Tuesday, that lasts about 10-15 mins. On Monday there is a lesson at 5pm, it will last about an hour and is recorded.

So, you watch the demos on a learning platform, do your practical in the private FB group, have a 1-1 call on each Tuesday, then our Zoom lesson/ Q&A each Monday at 5pm. I get to spend some quality time with you, which I love. I’m always contactable for any questions.

“I have just completed this course and it is absolutely fabulous. It really is east meeting west and the techniques are beautiful. The focus is on the health benefits of the treatment so it truly is reflexology on the face. My clients are absolutely loving it and delighted with the results. Catherine’s signature is “training from the heart” and it certainly is  💖  


****DATES FOR 2024****

 12th February – 22nd March

25th March – 3rd May

6th May – 14th June

2nd September-11th October

14th October-22nd November

Payment Options

The price has been the same for the last three years. I am very aware that it is a investment in your business and for the wellbing of your clients, that is why I offer so much value, so that you can pass that on to your clients and help them to invest in thir health and wellbing.

You are now getting six modules for the price as three.

The price of the online course is €447 when paid in full. 

Payment in full of €447 for Modules 1-6

You can pay €447 in full. You also have the option to pay 3 payments of €155, if the course is booked a month in advance, or 2 payments of €230. 

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