Facial Gua Sha tools & Rollers

Using different types of Gua Sha facial tools and rollers, including rose quartz, we will be working over acupressure points and other Eastern points. This work will help to release tension, stimulate circulation and aid with lymphatic drainage. Different shapes of tools can be used in different ways, we make sure that no damage is done to delicate skin and blood vessels. Firmer pressure is not necessarily better in this instance, technique is key.

You will have a weekend training over Zoom. The course includes instructional videos, a 1-1 call.  For practical assessment, you will do a treatment on yourself and also on a model using the tools for lymphatic drainage, then lifting and sculpting. You will have ongoing access to the online training.  To find out more fill in the form on the FRCC training page, let me know that it is Gua Sha that you are interested in studying.

Facial Gua Sha, is a training course that has so many benefits for you and your clients. This course uses different Gua Sha tools to give a therapeutic treatment that will help with wellness issues whilst encouraging lymp drainage, followed by sculpting & lifting.  We will be working over a weekend and you will also have the online demonstration videos to support your learning.  We will  begin by warming the muscles of the neck and face before working with different shaped Gua Sha tools, working over acupressure points and meridians, following the wellness treatment with sculpting and lifting techniques. After the course you will be able to instruct your clients in how to use the Gua Sha tools for themselves. You could host workshops for non professionals and use them in your own self care routines. My first experience with these tools and pressure points was many years ago whilst travelling in South East Asia. I took a year out to travel and learn. Time well spent. Years later, with lots of experience and research under my belt, I am still learning, still fascinated, still passionate.  

Dates and details

The next online weekend will be the first weekend in April 2022.


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